About Us

About Us

–     Company establish timeline: Our parent company KAK FASHION was established in 2016. We build our brand with the goal of bringing to the US market self-sufficient products, from design to print. We started with T-shirts and up to now, there are more than 10 sub-brands, operating on many sales channels such as Amazon, Google, website, Facebook. Developing more products such as mugs, hoodies, sweater, raglan, children’s clothing, kitchen and home decoration.

–     Enjoyraces is a Google-based store that we newly developed based on providing personalized products to meet the needs of customers. With a team of 30 members (including interns), there are many years of experience in building and developing stores. We are not simply selling, but also want to build a reputable and durable brand, regularly update wear and life trends to bring valuable products to use.


At Enjoyraces, our collections mainly focus on unisex products for both genders. A comfortable psycho when choosing your desired size or design is what we aim to. Moreover, we always offer a wide range of products, multiple choices for customers when shopping with us. We don’t limit customers to rigid options, but let you unleash your creativity. A young mindset, a new concept – is the best value we bring to our customers.

Customer Relationships

We always put ourselves into customers’ positions and empathize with you. Our customer care department will listen to you and help you find the best solution. We are proud of our efforts to provide impressive customer service.